5 Things I’m Putting in My Freezer This Summer

Here are 5 of my tried-and-true, favorite, freezable summer goodies! I hope your freezer is filling up with in-season deliciousness :)

1. Corn

The low-prep method: freeze the whole cob, still in the husk. When you’re ready to eat it, throw it on the grill with whatever else […]

Starting Seeds in Milk Jugs

Happy spring to everyone! Okay, it may not be officially spring yet, but don’t tell this weather–I don’t want it to leave!

I love starting my own seedlings. It’s cost-effective and it gives more options for varieties to try. There are countless ways to start your own, but my favorite way is […]

Maple Peach Butter

This recipe is so easy that it’s almost not a recipe :) I’ve been meaning to post it for several weeks and haven’t gotten to it until now, and peach season is practically over in many places! Grrr… :)

If you still have peaches to use up, this will be perfect for […]

Six Ways Your Toddler Can Help in the Garden

I’ve been loving our garden this year! The tomatoes are dying from some disease, the cabbages are being eaten, the cucumbers grow in spheres instead of cylinders, and the squash flowers without fruit, but I’m counting it a success.

Why? Because I’ve been out there nearly every day, thanks to this little […]

Bush Bean Comparison: Blue Lake 47 vs Blue Lake 274

blue lake 274 plants growing quickly :)

I haven’t written much about our garden this year, and that’s because there’s not too much to say.

The herbs are doing a fantastic job overtaking the right side of the garden and Camon loved the peas, but we’re still waiting on beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash […]