Tinny Dress, Formal Style

I mentioned in the last post that I was planning a flower girl dress for a family Christmas wedding. Here’s the final result, and I’m so, SO pleased with how it turned out!

She makes anything look good, but sparkles + poof + velvet really make a great combination :)

Thank you, An, […]

Kids Clothes Week, October 2015

So, you know Kids Clothes Week? (If you don’t, and you sew, you should check it out.) People crank out all kinds of cuteness for their children–tops, sweatshirts, coats, dresses, pants, shorts. If you can wear it, someone’s making it. And it seems like a lot of people crank out a LOT of garments. You […]

The Hopscotch Tunic

Hooray! It’s Signature Style week over at Project Run and Play and I actually have an entry. (Shocker!)

I don’t really have a signature style when it comes to my clothes or kids’ clothes, unless you count “comfort rules” as a style :) But for Cara I’ve been loving longer tops with leggings. […]

She’s Here! And Footed Pajama Pants

Hooray! Cara Elizabeth joined our family almost 7 weeks ago now–I can hardly believe time is flying that fast!

Camon has done a great job adjusting to the role of being a big brother. He loves his little sister and is learning how to be gentle ;) I can’t wait to see […]

Make A Baby Girl T-Shirt

I love pink and purple, and over the last few years I’ve had several girl-colored t-shirts or tank tops that wore out, shrank too much, or were otherwise rendered unwearable.

Clearly I couldn’t upcycle them for Camon (although if you want your boys to wear pink, that’s totally your call!), but I hung on […]