Tinny Dress, Formal Style

I mentioned in the last post that I was planning a flower girl dress for a family Christmas wedding. Here’s the final result, and I’m so, SO pleased with how it turned out!


She makes anything look good, but sparkles + poof + velvet really make a great combination :)

Thank you, An, for creating a fantastically versatile pattern (the Tinny dress), and thank you to Joann for the sparkly overskirt fabric!

Pattern Changes



I modified the sleeve hem. The pleat just didn’t work well with this thick velvet-like material (I’m sure it’s polyseter), so I gathered the center bottom of the sleeve, basted it, and bound it with a narrow strip of the velvet. This turned out just exactly like I was envisioning–I love it!



Another obvious modification is the skirt. I used the gathered skirt pieces and added a few extra inches of width to increase poof-ability. The sparkly overskirt is the same size as the silky underskirt. I gathered and attached the underskirt, inserted the zipper, and then added the overskirt.

You can’t see in the pictures, but for the poofy underskirt I used some stiffer netting as well as thin tulle. I cut the netting from the circle skirt pattern so it wouldn’t need to be gathered at the waist. It goes in next to the underskirt, and on the other side of the netting (so it won’t scratch) is a long length of tulle. It’s gathered at the top and then ruched up from the bottom. I hand-sewed long gathering stitches from hem to waist and then pulled them up to the proper length. (I didn’t make them as sturdy as I should have. They made it through the wedding but are coming out a little now–I need to restitch so she can wear it to church!)


I raised the waist about 1/2 an inch and lengthened the skirt several inches.




Of course the sash isn’t called for in the pattern, but I needed a way to incorporate red and green together (to match her handsome brother!). It’s a long length of green silk-like fabric, folded in half and sewn together. It’s wrapped around her twice with the twist in the middle, not sewn onto the dress that way. This was an easy addition and added so much Christmas spirit to the dress :)


The red velvet is actually a knit, so there was some stretching that occurred while trying to insert the zipper. I don’t know if I stretched it while sewing or if it got stretched during handling and fitting. Regardless, I have never ripped out a zipper that many times in one garment before! :) It turned out good enough, finally!

Also, when I hemmed the sparkly overskirt, I pulled down on it while measuring. So of course, when it poofed back up, it was slightly too short. *argh.* But, live and learn, and it could have been al lot worse :)


So there you have it! A formal Tinny. Anything is possible and if you sew in enough tiny increments, you can even finish large projects! :)

And, along with her big Bubba, we had a stunning flower girl and ring bearer! (Let’s not talk about the behavior at the rehearsals, though… ;) ;) ;) )


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