Dairy-Free Snow Cream


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We had one of our rare southern snows today! Snow is such a novelty down here that it’s hard to go about business as usual when the outdoors is white and there are puffy pieces of deliciousness floating down through the air :)

Last year I read about snow cream and was sad that all the “recipes” called for cream or milk. Then I thought, “Wait. There is absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t work with coconut milk. The only point of the milk is to give the snow a little creamy liquid to freeze.”

So we tried it:

  • pour a little coconut milk in a bowl
  • add sugar and vanilla
  • dump in several handfuls of clean snow
  • stir
  • eat!

And boy was it ever delicious. I’m not sure why it’s so fun to eat something that’s freezing cold when it’s below 32 degrees outside, but it was! I can’t compare this to the real thing (whatever that is when it refers to snow cream :) ), but it definitely got to a slushy consistency. It was creamy, sweet, and vanilla-y. It would have been even better in paper cone :)

I just wanted a recipe for dairy-free snow cream to exist out there on the internet. Fellow dairy-free people, be brave! Try things with coconut milk (or almond or rice or–if you must–soy milk). You’ll be surprised (and usually in a good way ;) )!


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