The Hopscotch Tunic


Hooray! It’s Signature Style week over at Project Run and Play and I actually have an entry. (Shocker!)

I don’t really have a signature style when it comes to my clothes or kids’ clothes, unless you count “comfort rules” as a style :) But for Cara I’ve been loving longer tops with leggings. The longer tops don’t ride up, and the leggings are tight fitting enough that they stay out of the way but provide coverage and warmth for those pudgy baby legs :)

I’ve had this Hopscotch Top/Tunic/Dress pattern for several months now but was never very happy with the way it had turned out. The cover photo is adorable (and I’m a sucker for aqua anyway), but fabric choice seems to play a huge role in how this top turns out. Quilting-weight cotton is just too stiff and the finished product can look very homemade. The knit version I tried ended up too bulky for comfort, and buttonholes on the knit were a disaster.

I decided I needed a lightweight cotton. Not sure whether to order voile, lawn, gauze, something with rayon, something with spandex, or some unheard-of combination, I went with the cheapest option I could think of: re-purposing a thrift-store find. That way I’d know exactly what I was buying and I would be out all of $2 if I didn’t like the result.


But looks like I shouldn’t have worried: I *love* the result!

This fabric has a really great drape and is lightweight but didn’t fly away while I was sewing it. I was able to use the existing hem in two places: the new tunic hem and the hem of the flutter sleeves (and the one-layer flutter sleeves are so much nicer than the double-layer recommended in the pattern!).

I even added a bow :)


The buttons are from my stash (probably from an old shirt of my hubby’s), and I used contrasting light blue thread.


The black leggings (the Baby Go To Leggings pattern, which is free, fast, and fabulous!) are from an old black t-shirt.

So, if “comfortable, re-purposed, easy care” counts as a style, then this little outfit just fits the bill! :)

Check out Project Run and Play for tons of fun!


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