She’s Here! And Footed Pajama Pants

DSC_6870_4 Hooray! Cara Elizabeth joined our family almost 7 weeks ago now–I can hardly believe time is flying that fast!

Camon has done a great job adjusting to the role of being a big brother. He loves his little sister and is learning how to be gentle ;) I can’t wait to see them interact more as Cara gets older!


I’m hoping to post occasionally now that some things are settling down, but no promises….I do have lots of ideas and some photos already taken, so we’ll see what happens!


I certainly haven’t been sewing a lot, but when I saw this pattern for Footed Baby Pants, I knew I had to make some. Since they’re newborn size, they take barely any fabric and I had some left over from another project. I love footed pants for babies just like the maker of the pattern (so those socks don’t get lost), and these are a great addition to Cara’s collection of clothes.

These were super easy to make. The hardest part was definitely the feet, but if you just stretch the fabric a bit and follow the instructions, even if they seem strange, it’ll work out. I added a small amount to the side seams of the pants because I wanted them to last a little longer than to 10 lbs, and that worked fine.

If you need a quick-sew baby gift or something for your little one, I highly recommend this pattern! Thanks, Abby!

Hopefully I’ll be back another day in the not too distant future! Till then, have a fabulous summer :)

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