Make A Baby Girl T-Shirt

baby tee

I love pink and purple, and over the last few years I’ve had several girl-colored t-shirts or tank tops that wore out, shrank too much, or were otherwise rendered unwearable.

Clearly I couldn’t upcycle them for Camon (although if you want your boys to wear pink, that’s totally your call!), but I hung on to them anyway. If this baby hadn’t been a girl, I probably would have either donated or thrown them out. But, hooray! Baby’s gender saved some fabric from certain destruction! (Or is that just delayed destruction?!… ;) )

I decided to make some 0-3 month sized tops and my pattern turned out super easy to sew and very versatile. You can make a t-shirt, add a ruffle and turn it into a dress, or use woven fabric with buttons and have a tunic.

To avoid the hassle of setting in sleeves, I drew a dolman sleeve-style pattern (the shoulder curves right down into a sleeve instead of having two separate pieces to sew together) based on a 0-3 month onesie. They all turned out well, but I guess it remains to be seen how they actually fit.

Trace a onesie on a large sheet of paper. (Tissue paper is great.)

It can be a very loose trace–the shape does not need to be precise. Just make sure the neckline is large enough to fit your baby’s head through :)

Curve down around the sleeves so that you’ve drawn a shirt-shape. You can make short, medium, or long sleeves. You could also just trace the armhole with no sleeve for a sleeveless top (see purple example at the end of the post).


Cut out your pattern 1/4″ or 1/2″ away from the line you drew so that you have some room for the seam allowance.

To make sure your sleeves and neckline are symmetrical, fold your pattern in half. Trim away any excess and even up the neckline.

Cut two identical pieces from your fabric.

Make sure your fabric is doubled (so you’ll get two pieces from one cut), and then cut away!

Sew two seams. (1/4″ seam allowance)

1: Sew the shoulder seams together.

2: Starting at the lower edge of the sleeve–sew up the sleeve, pivot, and sew down the side seam. Repeat on other side.


Hmmm…I guess that’s really 4 seams because there are two shoulders and two sides. :)

Hem the sleeves, neck, and waist.

For banded edges: Cut 2″ wide strips of fabric and iron them in half. Sew (right sides together, keeping the strip as a double layer) to each armhole, neckline, and the waist.



If you’re using knit fabric, stretch the fabric strip as you pin and sew so it will be slightly smaller than the armhole, neck, or waist. (Use the same procedure you’d use for attaching ribbing like is shown in this video. There are lots of other really well-done tutorials on attaching a band like this, so do a quick search if this is your first time!)

With your iron, press the strips away from the shirt.


For hemmed edges: If the fabric is knit, you can just turn under a small edge and sew it down (it won’t ravel). If the fabric is woven, create a narrow hem with your favorite technique (the regular way or using a rolled hem foot).

DSC_6660_1And you’re done!

If you make one, let me know!

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