Tips for Managing Pregnancy-Induced Eczema

managing eczema

It’s back again, y’all :) That terrible eczema I had with Camon’s pregnancy? It’s back, and with a vengeance this time. (cue the pity party music. :) )

I’ve had time to develop a few more anti-itch strategies, try eliminating dairy (and maybe coffee–yikes!), use nearly every style of available lotion, and learn the power of counting to thirty as a way of letting the worst of the itch pass without harming myself.

Itching could seriously be used as a torture device :)

Anyway, I compiled a bunch of thoughts and tips for Modern Alternative Mama’s pregnancy channel. If you or someone you know is struggling with eczema (pregnancy-induce or not!), I’d be grateful if you’d pop over for a read and chime in with your best tip in the comments!

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