Owl Pajamas (sorta, kinda for Project Run and Play)

owl pajamas

During one of those post-Thanksgiving sales (that are so rarely truly good deals if you’re not already needing the item), Girl Charlee (a site specializing in knit fabrics) put on a pretty sweet sale. Tons of their fabric was marked down off of the already-reasonable prices they set, and when I saw this sweatshirt knit with owls for something like $3 a yard, I knew I had to snag some.

I’ve been wanting to use sweatshirt knit for awhile and Camon needed some new pajamas that are warm, so I figured I’d use it for him. Turns out the owls have little hearts for eyes–they’re adorable, but it definitely makes them look more girly than I’d prefer.

I sewed up the jammies anyway, and although they’re not quite as macho as his fire trucks, army helicopters, or spider pjs, he loooooooves them. He has no clue that boys don’t usually wear hearts on their clothes. :)


Project Run and Play is also occurring right now (SO much cute stuff happening over there! It’s like Project Runway but with normal people sewing for their kids. So fun.), and I’ve wanted to participate in the sew-along for the last several seasons. Since fabric purchasing isn’t top priority in our budget right now and most of my stash is geared toward girly stuff, I’ve never taken the time or money to do it.

But warm winter pajamas with owls on them lines right up with Winter Wonderland, right?! Of course right! ;)


The pajama shirt is a modification of the Perfect Polo (by Blank Slate Patterns). I extended the placket to make the shirt button all the way down and used a henley-style collar instead of the traditional polo collar. I love how it turned out. (Also, I have a review of this pattern coming up soon! Shirt’s done, photos are taken, and something will be written soon…)


The pants are the Basic Kid Pants (with flat front) from Dana at danamadeit.com. I love this pants pattern. It’s such an easy sew, basic without being plain, and it always fits Camon well (with a little shortening, and I did make the elastic a smidge too long this time).

I hemmed everything with a 3/4″ hem (in the photos with Camon the pants are not hemmed yet–he was dying to put them on!).

The buttons are from my stash and they’re thicker than I would have preferred. They work, though. :)

We’ll see how they hold up to multiple washings, oatmeal spillage, occasional diaper leaks, and the other havoc that two-year olds can wreak on their sleeping clothes! For now, I love them and Camon loves them and I know he’ll be warm during some of these crazy cold nights we’ve had.

Happy Winter Wonderland-ing (or happy waiting till spring, if that’s more your style!) :)

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