Christmas Tree Shirt for Boys

Holiday-inspired outfits are so fun, and making your own (or modifying a ready-made item) can be even more exciting!

I bought this red shirt at the semi-annual consignment sale planning to add something to make it into a Christmas shirt. But as I started looking up and thinking about ideas, everything I came up with felt too girly for a little boy’s shirt. (I am picky. :) )

So I just drew a Christmas tree (hint: draw it on notebook paper to make sure your “branches” are all the same width), cut it out of fabric, and zig-zagged it straight onto the shirt.


This project was fast, easy, and didn’t require any special stitches on the sewing machine (although if you had some, they’d look fabulous I’m sure!).

The trickiest part is figuring out where to stop and pivot at the corners, but it worked out even though I did 95% of them imperfectly :)

What didn’t work out was trying to get a decent (read: not blurred by sudden movement) photo on the one sunny-but-freezing day we had in over a week: I guess almost-2 year olds don’t quite understand the modeling process!

Camon loves his Christmas tree shirt and it makes me happy when I see it!

I would like to add a long-sleeved white layer to the sleeves so he doesn’t have to wear a jacket over it, but I haven’t done that yet. And hey, some of you may live in Australia or other southern hemisphere spots where Christmas = beach weather for you, so you wouldn’t need the long sleeves anyway!

Wherever you live, whatever your weather, I wish you lots of Christmas cheer, pleasant memories, and enough holiday goodies to make you ready for a good salad when New Year’s hits!  

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