Christmas Planning Printables

It’s Christmas season! Hooray for Christmas music, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies, Christmas guests, and Christmas plans! :)

We keep the season pretty simple around here, so I don’t have to do tons of planning. Here are two of my favorite Christmas planning printables that I used last year and am using again this year. Click on the thumbnail of each to go to the original site and print your own.

Card and Address Planner

I do also have an address book, but I took the time to put all the addresses in this one list last year. It saves so much time to be able to just go right down the list instead of flipping through (and holding open) the address book one at a time. We’ll probably be doing an email version of our card this year, but I’ll still be able to use the list of names to make sure I didn’t forget anyone.

Gift List

I actually printed out another gift list this year, but I like this one (that I used last year) a little better. I love all the columns for different ideas (especially the “where to purchase” line) and the colors make me happy when I see it :) I Heart Organizing always has fabulous printables!


If you’re in need of baking planners, budget trackers, craft schedulers, or other printables, be sure to check out Printables Your Way (then click on “Holiday Printables”). If you buy the whole package, it’s $7 and you get monthly email updates with new additions. I have used tons of these printables and I love their simplicity and functionality.

I hope your holiday season is off to a great start and that you’re able to keep busy enough to have fun and calm enough to stay sane! :)

(P.S. That is my affiliate link to the printables above. :) )

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