Wooden Music Rack (Updated)

If you are reading this and you know me in real life and you also made one of these as a kid, go ahead and laugh now. I’ll laugh with you. :) I know. I’m such a weirdo for keeping it. But you know, I haven’t found anything else that holds hymnals as well as this thing, and since I’m a pianist and all, well, I’ve gotta keep the hymnals somewhere. :)

Seriously, though, I made this when I was probably about 9 years old, in the morning day camp I went to in the summers. Pretty sure this is the only relic from all those years and all those crafts (oh wait…I think there’s an octopus somewhere in the attic too…hmm…).

I forget what I used to use it for, but one day (way before I was married and gone from home) I realized it would be perfect for holding hymnals. So I convinced my then-boyfriend, now-hubby, to make a second one for my parents’ piano. We loved it.

*not a photo of the exact project* ;)

When we moved all my worldly goods to our new home, my dilapidated old plywood thing came with me. After closing on our house, we pretty much had no money for decorating (like most newlyweds!), so I just stuck our hymnals on it and there it stayed. Functional and somewhat embarrassing. (I like the verses, but really, it doesn’t look great, you know?!)

Recently, when I saw a coupon for a free paint sample from Lowe’s, I jumped on it, knowing it was high time to update my poor hymnal rack (since fixing cars is now higher on the priority list than building a new one and I’m terrible with saws). It’s still not perfect (the veneer on some of the pieces is still peeling off) but it looks so much better and doesn’t scream “day camp project!!!!” quite as loudly. I’ll take it :)


And if you need a rack to hold hymnals or other piano music, take a good look at the photos and I bet you can figure out how to build your own. After all, I built it when I was knee-high to a grasshopper ;)

(And no, I’m not Free Will Baptist. They just have a fabulous hymnal. :) )

If you’re a musician, or your kids take music lessons, where do you keep your music? Would you use a rack like this? 

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