Tuesday Farmers Market at Meridianville

part of the Meridianville Market–my 50 mm lens wouldn’t let me get the whole thing :)

This little market is new to the area this year, and it’s in a great location. In fact, last year I told my husband, “We should totally start a farmers market in Meridianville. There aren’t any for miles around there.” And, lo and behold, this year there is one!

Located at 175 Monroe Road (in front of First Baptist Church) and open from 4-7 pm, the Tuesday Market will probably turn out to be my favorite stop this summer. Camon and I went to check it out last night right before closing and had a great time. It’s big enough to have nice selection, but not so busy that the sellers can’t talk to you. (And what’s a farmers market if you don’t talk to the vendor any more than you would to a supermarket cashier?!)

We came home with zucchini and yellow squash, broccoli (thank you Mr. Farmer for the 2-for-1 deal!), and some local early peaches. (Sidenote: local is the only way to eat peaches, in my opinion.)

I followed my own rule and took only the cash I wanted to spend, so I didn’t have quite enough to cover a jar of this delicious locally-blended Samovar Tea. My favorite was the Smashberry Tisane, but Camon really liked the Country Field (an herbal tea with a hint of chai). You bet I’ll be back again, money in hand!

If you live anywhere close to Meridianville (on Highway 231/431 heading up towards Tennessee), you should totally stop by one of these Tuesdays! I’m excited to see how it grows as the summer goes on :)

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