Make a Messenger Bag from an Old Pair of Pants

There are so many ways you can up-cycle an old pair of pants. You saw my toddler apron a few weeks ago, and here’s what I did with the rest of those pants.

If your hubby, like mine, has any interest in guns or hunting, you probably have an abundance of ammo, spent ammo (to be reloaded), guns, extra magazines, empty ammo boxes, gun cleaning equipment, and hunting magazines stashed somewhere in your house. I figured an extra bag to contain some of this collection was in order, and what better fabric to use than camouflage? :) The finished bag is certainly not glamorous, but it works, it was fast, and it used up some of my stash. Score! :)

Want to make one of your own? Here’s what I did, although it’s more of a guide rather than exact directions. You may have to modify based on the size and style of your pants. You can do it! You’ve got nothing to lose, right? :)

If you didn’t make the apron already, find an old pair of pants and cut off the legs until the rest of the pants (minus the waistband) is about the length you’d like your bag to be.

Cut the inner leg seams open on the pants. (I just cut right next to the stitching, cutting that whole strip off.)  Also cut the waistband (elastic in my case) off of the top.

Turn the pants inside out so it lies flat. Mark a straight line up each side with pins. Your pin line should run into the curve of what used to be the crotch seam, so when you sew it there will be a nice straight line from bottom to top on each side.

 Sew up each side (not the bottom yet) where your line is marked.  Cut off the excess fabric outside your seam. Press the seam open as well as you can.

Now take the two seams you just sewed, bring them together, flatten out the square, and sew a seam across the bottom. This is kind of hard to describe, but hopefully the picture will clear it up a little bit? If you don’t re-fold the square like this, the pockets will be in the wrong place at the top of the bag. (If you’re just reading this, not actually making the bag, just wait till you are making the bag. It will make sense when you have it in your hands and can play around with it a little.)

Zig-zag (or serge) around the raw edge of the top of the bag.

Fold over that edge and hem it down.

 Using one of the pant legs and some of the other leftover fabric, create the fold-over flap and strap. I cut off one side seam on the pant leg to make the fold-over flap (just make sure it’s the same width as your bag) and sewed together some other leftover pieces to make the strap. Hem down the edges of the fold-over flap and the strap (I used my rolled foot to make a narrow hem).

Clarification: the “fold-over flap” is what will fold over the top of your bag. It’s just a rectangle of fabric right now, the same width as the bag and whatever height you want it to be.

Pin these to the top of the bag.

Sew a final seam all around the top of the bag, catching the fold-over flap and strap ends in  your seam. And you’re done! I love how the cargo pockets from the pants turned out on the sides with no extra work from me :)

Yes, this turned pink. No, I’m not sure why :)

What have you made out of old pants? I’d love some more ideas, because I’ve got more pants in the scrap bag! :)

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