Blank Weekly Planner

I give in. I just have to add my version of the weekly planner before January is over. That’s what January is for, right? Finding new routines and helpful organizing devices to make your life run more smoothly? ;) Right….. ;)

I’ve been making to-do lists each day, and those are so very helpful in keeping me on track and actually finishing the housekeeping chores that I’ve scheduled for each day. I rarely totally complete my to-do list but it gives me good direction for how to spend my time.

Recently, though, as my hubby and I have been brainstorming about his breakfasts and lunches, we’ve come up with a few different plans that involve a bit more preparation on my part. I realized it would be helpful for me to have the whole week at a glance so I could make sure I have breakfast and lunch items covered and know when I need to bake something during the  day.

I found a printable planner that was almost right for my needs, but it had lined boxes, and I kept running out of lines! So I created my own: a week’s worth of empty boxes that you can write in, a summary of weekly goals, and a space to write overflow things that need to go on next week’s list.

Pretty simple, right? And thanks to for the inspiration! Hope she doesn’t mind that I did my own version :)


Directions:  Right click the image and save it to your computer. Then, right click that file and choose “Print.” You can print whatever size you like, but full page photo is probably the best. You may need to uncheck the little box that says “fit to frame,” depending on your computer’s default settings. Or if you just can’t figure it out but you’re dying to print one, shoot me a message. I’ll send it to you. :)

Happy planning!

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