Button Pillow

For quite awhile I’ve had the fabric to make pillows that match our curtains. But I could never decide what style they should be.

Then I saw this tutorial for an easy pillow with buttons and I knew I wanted one too. So I whipped one up.

It was very easy and the instructions were very clear. I love the result! (Although I really like her yellow and brown one a lot… :) ) I stuffed mine with leftover stuffing we had from an old pillow, but a pillow form would be easier.

I also learned how to sew buttons on using my sewing machine which was amazing. I will be doing that again :)

nice kangaroo skin there :)

Now I just need one more pillow style and I might be done making pillows for a little while. (Yeah right … don’t quote me on that :) )

What types of projects do you like to make at a moment’s notice?

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