Homemade Creamed Corn for the Freezer

Evidently “creamed corn” doesn’t always involve cream.

And evidently the stuff from the can is nothing like the stuff that comes solely from the cob. (Good thing, because I don’t like the stuff from the can!)

My mom used to tell me about how my grandma would make this delicious creamed corn in the summer and freeze it. So I tried it. And you can too! (Thanks, Grandma!)

It’s very easy:

1. Shuck corn.

2. Blanch corn. (Place in boiling water for 4 minutes. Plunge into ice water.)

3. Cut kernels off (not too deeply).

4. Turn knife over and scrape with the dull side until the cob is scraped clean (the milky stuff that comes out is what makes it creamy and yummy).

5. Store in freezer containers.

6. Cook by placing in dry skillet, covering, and heating over medium until thawed.

7. Eat.

See, only seven steps–the number of perfection. (Ha! :) )

But really, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It tasted a lot better than I thought it might (I don’t like blah frozen corn; this stuff tasted fresh!). And it’s nice to have some homemade creamed corn in the freezer.

If only it was from our garden… :)

Do you put up corn when it’s in season? What’s your favorite method?

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