Tuesday Tip: You Can Use Prefold Diapers with Flip Covers

Oh, yes you can :)

I was having trouble with leaky diapers at night. Double-stuffed Fuzzibunz still wicked moisture at the sides, and Flip diapers were nowhere near absorbent enough for 10-12 hours of wearing.

I read about fitted diapers on this cloth diaper post, and they sounded like a great idea. The price sounded terrible. So I made up my own fitted diapers. :)

A fitted diaper comes in two parts, but both are shaped like diapers. The absorbent part goes on first, and the waterproof cover keeps the wet inside. Since the absorbent part is so much bigger than just a pad or doubler, it will absorb more liquid. Ha. That’s kind of disgusting to write. Oops. :)

I turned one of Camon’s burpcloths (which was a prefold-diaper-turned-burpcloth) back into a diaper. I folded it around him just like you’re supposed to with prefolds, but I put the Flip cover on top.

No leaks!!!!!!!!!!

After I tried that diaper at night for several episodes and it NEVER leaked in the middle of the night, I was sold. I checked out Amazon’s diaper selection and ended up with the OsoCozy Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2. They have been working great! I am *loving* (enough emphasis there?) not having midnight diaper and pajama changes.

Two small downsides:

-they’re definitely trickier to get on, but I’ve figured it out :)

-when they do leak (which, so far, has never been until the next morning when Camon wakes up), it’s bad. So I just change the diaper and get him dressed as soon as he’s awake, and I don’t have any trouble.

So, if you just googled “can you use prefold diapers with flip covers,” I hope you’re convinced to give it a try. It’s a great way to stretch your diaper supply and prevent nighttime leaks.

(The link to Amazon is my referral link. FYI. :) )

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6 comments to Tuesday Tip: You Can Use Prefold Diapers with Flip Covers

  • Prefolds+Flip covers are what we use exclusively around here and I love them!! We switched to them from gDiapers at around 6 months after getting tired of constant pee leaks. I’m not sure I understand how you’re putting them on but if you fold each long side of the prefold in so they meet in the center, then turn it upside down, you can tuck it right under the flaps inside the cover and put it all on together. If that’s not what you’re already doing. :)

    • Yay! I haven’t tried gDiapers, but I’m totally with you on getting sick of the leaks. I’ve thought about trying the prefolds that way–just like the Flip insert shape–and I might in the daytime one of these days. I’ve been wondering if that worked, so I’m glad to know it does!

      The way I’m doing it at night is to use the prefold the old-fashioned way (you can google “using prefold diapers” and you’ll probably find several links showing how to fold the diaper around the baby and then pin it closed or put a cover on) because I thought it would help prevent leaks. Who knew diapers could be so frustrating and complicated at times! :)

  • Yes, leaks are so frustrating!! After so much of that I understood why a lot of mamas give up on cloth for toddlers. Alas, I am too stubborn. I will share another tip in case it might be helpful to you! I tried a lot of different combinations of things to prevent leaks overnight. Everyone seems to have to sort through what works for them, ya know. So, for us it is a good quality prefold (we switched to Econobums from Gerber, huge change!) + a hemp doubler + a “Dappi” brand doubler. I would lay the doublers over the center of the diaper and fold the edges over them, then turn it upside down. THAT finally saved us from leaks overnight. I have only had a leak one time with the Flips since figuring that out, and it was a fluke thing during nursery at church. Anyway, starting at around 11 months my guy stopped peeing so much at night anyway and now I just add one doubler with no problems. It got us through the wettest months though.

    Whew, not trying to bombard you with advice you don’t want or need! It was just so much work to figure out what worked, maybe it will help you. I love your blog, BTW. You amaze me with your constant flow of good ideas!

    • Thanks for sharing–I love to hear what works for others, because it gives me so many ideas for what to try if something quits working (like has happened two or three times already :) ). I never thought of wrapping the doublers inside the prefolds, but will definitely give that a try if I need more absorbency than he has right now. And I’m glad to know the wet diapers overnight might slow down in a few months here…I’m hoping!! :) (And thanks for your sweet comment at the end too…I just read your post about washing dishes as you go and I’M amazed! Good for you to keep on top of them–they’re my nemesis! And the new chicks are too cute :) )

  • This is AWESOME! We are having the same troubles with the fuzzibunz and I’m definitely going to give this a try!

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