Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

I’ve been hearing about these lids for over a year now, and I finally got a chance to try them out!

Tattler makes canning lids that can be reused, unlike the metal single-use lids that everyone is familiar with. These lids are made (in the USA!) of BPA-free plastic and come with a rubber ring that goes around the rim of the jar. You use a standard metal ring around the outside, just like you would with a traditional lid.

I made strawberry jam the other day and was so excited to test out two of their reusable lids. They definitely were a bit different to use than the metal version, but not difficult at all.

I made the jam as usual. Actually, I made a half-batch so I could use my smaller pot–I didn’t have my new waterbath canner yet! I still made a big mess. :)

I filled the jars, leaving 1 inch of headspace. That’s what my brochure said to do, but I just noticed on their website that the instructions have been updated to say, “Fill jars as indicated per canning instructions for that food type,” so next time I’d probably fill them up to 1/4 inch like the recipe called for. I plan to email the company and ask about that, too :)

I had scalded the lids and rubber rings in simmering water, just like usual for metal lids.

After wiping the rims of the jars, I put the lids on and screwed the rings down gently (to fingertip tight). This was the part that was different than metal lids–the rubber rings wanted to scoot around a little bit more, so I had to hold the lid in place while screwing on the ring. Not hard, just different.

I processed the jars in water as usual, removed them, and tightened down the rings firmly.

These lids don’t pop like the metal lids (boo hoo! I love that sound!), but they do suck down into the jar a little bit so you know that they’re sealed. You can also gently test the edge of the lid to see if it’s loose; if the jar hasn’t sealed, the lid will come right off.

I’m loving these lids so far! They are pricier to begin with ($28 for 3 dozen), but if you can a lot, you’ll recover your price in no time. The rubber rings may need to be replaced occasionally, but those are not expensive. And if you’re careful with them, you shouldn’t need new ones very often.

Thank you, Tattler, for letting me try some out! I’ll definitely be recommending this product to others :)

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8 comments to Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

  • I’ve used these – last year for the first time. Every jar that we canned sealed just fine and everything that we have eaten from the jars has been delicious.
    I did a write up here on our blog:

  • Debbie from MA

    I had to laugh when you said that Tattler didn’t make the popping sound as I too love that sound. I have just started using the Tattler lids (only have a few dozen) and have reused them already.

  • angie

    this canning lids contain Formaldehyde i would love to know if any one has sent there finished product to a lab to see if the Formaldehyde leached into the food.

    • I’ll look into it, Angie. The lids don’t touch the food (or shouldn’t, if you leave the right amount of headspace), so I wouldn’t think it’s too big of a deal, but I’ll see what I can find. It’s still probably better than the cans you buy from the store with BPA in the lining. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • Here’s what I found on the Tattler website:

      “Many questions have been asked about the existence of formaldehyde in Acetal Copolymer. While it is true formaldehyde is present in trace amounts, research proves it is only released at very high temperatures, well above any temperatures found in home food canning. Here are the facts.

      “Heating our brand of acetal copolymer above 460 degrees F (238 C) should be avoided. At these temperatures, formaldehyde, a colorless and irritating gas that can be harmful in high concentrations, is generated.”

      Of course, you’ll have to make your own decision, but my guess is you’ll end up with fewer toxins in your home-canned foods than you’d get in cans you buy at the store. Hope that helps! :)

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