Seeds Planted!

And the cycle begins again…plant, water, pray, and hope they grow! :)

I planted cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, basil, oregano, cilantro, bell peppers, and zinnia seeds and recorded everything in my memory substitute garden journal. :)

I used newspaper pots, filled them with a milk jug funnel, and so far they seem to be working well.

We’ll see how they end up!

2 comments to Seeds Planted!

  • Have you ever overestimated how many vegetables you need to plant? I did this year with tomatoes. I’ve canned them, given them away and now offering them at a very price. And…they’re stilll producing! Romano is my favorite, but I grew 4 varieties of “slicing” tomatoes to see which would do absolute in my area. The immense beefstake variety is proving to be a problem as they split open on the vine. So they is not going to be on my list for next year! Oh, and I will only take on 12 plants next time.

  • […] not digging in the dirt yet, or starting seeds, or anything so fun as that, but I am thinking about what I’m going to aim for this […]

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