Garden Edging Ideas

The biggest thing I’d like to improve in our garden this year is weed control around the edges.

The first year I did nothing special around the edges…that wasn’t the best plan.

Last year I took all the stones and rocks that we dug out of the garden and set them around the border. That worked well until summer got into full swing and the bermuda grass overtook everything! It was hard to mow next to the rock border because you couldn’t be sure you weren’t going to kick up a big rock and hurt the blade or yourself. So that won’t be happening again this year.

Here are a few ideas I have found so far, and I guess I’ll have to settle on one of them and just do it!

Standard black edging. (source)

Wood buried in the ground. (source)

A wide, mulched section outside the plants. (source)

Upturned glass bottles. (source)


You get the idea–something that will stay in place and not get eaten by the mower, but something that’s tall enough to keep the bermuda grass out.

What do you edge your garden with? Or do you just faithfully use an edger every week? :)

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