Tuesday Tip: Flavored Yogurt

A couple weeks ago at the grocery store there were some Wallaby yogurts on manager’s special. The only flavor was Key Lime, but I grabbed several, hoping they’d be as delicious as they sounded. Turns out they were amazing! We ate them up in record time, I think :)


I tried to find a 32-oz container of the same flavor, but evidently Wallaby doesn’t make that size. Bummer.

So I decided to add some lemon extract (I have McCormick’s) to our existing vanilla yogurt. And it tasted almost exactly like the key lime yogurt! mmmmm……

Such a nice change from standard vanilla without having to buy two different containers of yogurt, spend a fortune, or feel bad about tossing so many little plastic cups.

(And by the way, I’m not sponsored or associated or anything with Wallaby–I just found out I loved their product :) )

What’s your favorite yogurt flavor?

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