Need a Quick Handmade Christmas Gift?

Here’s a list of a few tutorials to spark your interest:

Quilted Coasters with a holder

Tissue Pack

Appliqued Blankets

Homemade Baking Mixes (from

Click on over to find recipes and free printables for yummy-looking muffins, coffee cake, and malted hot cocoa mix. Maybe I’ll make one of these as a gift to myself! :)

“Be a Grinch” Christmas Apron (from

This one might not be so quick, but if you love aprons, you’ll love this festive hostess apron. Of course, you wouldn’t have to use Christmas fabrics, but you can’t beat the reds and greens they used!

Hope your December (seriously?!) is off to a great start, and don’t forget that you can save time (by not shopping as much) and money¬†by making a few of your gifts this year! :)


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