31 Days to a Handmade Quilt: Introduction

So I may have done a bad thing…I decided at the last minute to join with the millions of many other bloggers participating in this year’s version of “31 Days.” It’s open to anyone and everyone who’s willing to commit to 31 days of posting on a particular subject.

I’ve had it in mind for awhile to make this quilt, so here it goes! And maybe you’ll want to make one along with me.

Reasons that you should consider making this quilt:

  • it will be easy enough for a beginner to complete (I’m a beginner too!)
  • the directions will be given in baby steps. I’m thinking most of the steps should be able to be completed in 15-30 minutes (with a machine)
  • you won’t need a special quilting machine or unusual tools
  • you don’t need to download and print a pattern–it’s just squares
  • it will give you a good excuse to buy and use some fabric you love


  • it will give you a good reason to start using up some of that overflowing stash in your closet

I have an old quilt that I made for my dorm in college, and we love it in the wintertime to snuggle up with on the couch. There’s just something about it that’s extra cozy–all the colorful fabrics, the thick batting, and the large size.

So, whaddaya say? Are you with me? Even if October isn’t a good month for you to begin a project like this, come back and try it in February when those winter doldrums have set in. You might just find you have a new hobby!

(My finished quilt will be around 54″ by 74″, if that makes a difference to you :) )


  • I am not an experienced quilter. I’ll tell you how I make the quilt, but it may not be technically correct.
  • Many people think the best quilts are made entirely by hand. I agree–they are beautiful! But I don’t have time–or desire–to do that right now. I will use the machine to my heart’s content. I’m even planning on machine-stitching the binding, although that’s probably heresy to the ears of a “true quilter.”

If you decide to make a quilt, I’d love to see photos of your progress! Questions or comments will always be welcome :)

Day 2: Making Choices

Day 3: Buy Your Fabric (and terms list)

Day 4: Tools List

Day 5: Finalize Your Pattern

Day 6: Cut Templates and Prepare Fabric

Day 7: Cut Your Fabric

Day 8: Piece Two Squares

Day 9: Sew the Top Row

Day 10: Piece Another Square

Day 11: Sew the Middle Row

Day 12: Piece the Last Two Squares

Day 13: Sew Bottom Row Together

Day 14: I was in Seattle at a wedding with no computer

Day 15: I was in Seattle at a super-awesome wedding and forgot to finish auto-scheduling the posts :)

Day 16: Sew All Three Rows Together

Day 17: Attach Header and Footer

Day 18: Cut Out the Backing

Day 19: Cut Out Batting and Baste

Day 20: Quilt a Big “X”

Day 21: Quilt Four Small Squares

Day 22: Finish Quilting the Top Row

Day 23: Quilt Two More Squares

Day 24: Keep on Quilting

Day 25: Quilt the Last Two Squares

Day 26: Quilt the Header and Footer

Day 27: Cut, Sew, and Iron the Binding

Day 28: Begin Attaching the Binding

Day 29: Continue Attaching the Binding

Day 30: Finish Attaching the Binding

Day 31: Done!



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