Ruffled Grocery Bag

I’ve had my eye on this bag from Sawdust and Paper Scraps for quite awhile now. I was hoping to finish it up yesterday, but the ruffles took me an insanely long time to figure out! But I conquered them…finally :)

Close-up of the ruffles:

My lining fabric: (hmm…not that the colors come across very well!)

I love how this turned out–it’s very large and roomy, and perfect for all those groceries I keep bringing home. :)

Both fabrics were sheets I got at a thrift store–in my opinion, that is the absolute cheapest way to buy fabric if you can find a pattern and weight that you like. Especially if you’re just looking for plain white fabric–that stuff can get pricey!

So hop on over to the tutorial and see whether you’d like to make your own! Thanks, Sandra!

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