Freezing Blueberries

It’s blueberry season! At least, down here in the South it is. And for those of you up north, you’ll get there very soon :)

Blueberries are one of my favorite additions to smoothies. They’re also delicious in pancakes and muffins. In other words, I want blueberries in the winter too–not just the summer!

Solution: freeze them.

I use the super, super easy method:

  • Put them in a strainer and rinse them off quickly and gently. (There was a sign at the blueberry place that said washing toughens their skins. I just had to rinse them a teeny bit, though…)

  • Line a rimmed cookie sheet (or other container) with paper towel to absorb the water. You could also use an old dishrag if you didn’t mind a few blue stains.
  • Put berries on the cookie sheet, and pick out any soft ones or stems that you see.

  • Freeze!

When they’re frozen, remove from cookie sheet and place in ziploc bag.

You know what? It just occurred to me: I think I usually use an old kitchen towel to line the cookie sheet, but today I had to use paper towels (all the dishrags are being washed due a sink overflow from a clogged drain. Yeah. G-R-O-S-S.) I am now crossing my fingers that frozen blueberries won’t stick too badly to the paper towel. Guess I’ll update this post later with the result! :)

Update: The paper towel worked just fine. A few stuck just a little bit, but when they unstuck, there was not paper sticking to the berries. Whew!

Anyway, freezing blueberries is not difficult. And the results are delicious. I need a few more gallons! :)

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