Transplanting Squash

Two words: bad idea.

On Monday I had this brilliant plan to thin out my squash plants by transplanting some of them. I had dug the potatoes up (I thought they were getting a disease and I wanted to save whatever potatoes were under there), so I decided to put two of the sqaush plants where the potatoes had been.

Almost immediately, one plant looked like this:

And it only got worse. Both of them wilted more and more.

But the next morning, I had a pleasant surprise. One started to look more like this:

Notice the wet pine needles? Thank you, Lord, for rain!


But the other one’s a goner. (In the back of the picture.) It never stood back up or anything.

50% success rate? I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. I’ll just plant the seeds farther apart in the first place. If one doesn’t germinate, I can always plant another one in that spot.

But hey, at least I tried! :)

Have you had luck with transplanting squash plants?

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