I Wish I’d Grown Watermelons

It costs $5 for a watermelon at Publix this summer. I bet I could have had a packet of seeds for half that price and ended up with who-knows-how-many watermelons.

When I was deciding what to plant in the spring, I chose against watermelons because we don’t eat them up very fast. Correction: I don’t eat them up very fast. My husband, on the other hand, is a watermelon-eating fiend. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in Watermelon Central, Florida? :) (Just kidding–it was Gainesville.)

But still, I knew he wouldn’t want an entire gardenful of watermelons. So I planted potatoes instead.

But now I kinda wish I’d gone for the melons–I found out you can freeze them! And then put them in smoothies, and then revel in the cool sweetness of ice-cold fruit. Mmmmmmmm…..where’s my blender?!

Maybe next year… :)

So, how to freeze a watermelon:

Cut the watermelon in half. Cut it in half again (so it’s in quarters), and slice each quarter in half.

You’ll have a piece that looks like this:

I sliced just above the rind at all three points, and eventually the cuts met up and the red part slid right off the rind. You can do it however works best for you.

can you see the knife in the back? :)

yes, things will get a little messy!


Chop into cubes and place on a tray. I used these two silicone cake pans–the watermelon pops right off after it’s been frozen! I also used a cookie sheet lined with freezer paper (shiny side up), and that was much easier than trying to pry frozen watermelon off of a metal pan. I’m sure waxed paper would give a similar effect.

Freeze a few hours (or a few days) and then put your pieces in a freezer bag. I’m not sure I’d want a plain watermelon smoothie (the flavor isn’t that strong), but it’s a great stretcher fruit. Add a few strawberries, blueberries, or peaches and you’ll be good to go.

What’s your favorite summer fruit? Do you freeze any for later?

(Linked to Frugal Gardening 101)

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