Planting Squash

Every time I plant a seed I wonder if it’s really going to sprout. And every time it does, I’m amazed! I would love to know how putting a teeny piece of hard stuff in the ground makes something green and living shoot out of it. God is the master Creator, for sure!

This year I’ve been planting my garden in stages, and a few weekends ago I planted the zucchini and yellow squash. I had intended to make a hill of each, but the way the garden worked out, two hills were not going to fit.

So I improvised and made a row-hill. (And evidently coined a new term in the process.) I have no idea if this will end up being a good strategy or not, but here’s what I did.

Instead of making a round hill, I heaped the dirt up in a long row and planted my seeds straight down it.

They look like this now, and I don’t know whether I should thin them out or just let them all grow.

yes, those are weeds in the top left corner. :)

I always feel bad when I thin plants out because I think, “That could have made food for us, and I just thwarted its attempt.” Any of you veteran squash-growers out there have any advice on thinning?

So, that’s the status of my squash garden.

Next up? Beans.

Do you hill your squash? Have you ever made a long, narrow hill? And would you thin them if yours looked like mine? ;)

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