Tuesday Tip: Using Bulk Butter

Have you seen the price of butter lately? It has absolutely skyrocketed! It was $2.14/lb when I first made my grocery price list, and it is currently $3.19 at our local Kroger.

That’s in less than two years.

I know I’m young, but surely this is not a normal rate of price increase?!

(And, from what I hear, $3.19 would be the stock-up-on-your-year’s-worth-of-butter price in some areas!)

So, I’ve been buying “bulk butter” (well, it’s still one pound, but it’s called “bulk butter” on the tag) for about .20 cheaper than butter quarters. (I know, it’s not a lot, but several 20-cent-saves add up over time!)

But then I was presented with a new problem: how do you get one tablespoon off of your huge hunk of butter?

Solution: quarter it with a long knife. Then wrap those up in plastic wrap.

Since pictures make everything better (ha!), here’s how it goes:

Unwrap the butter and select a knife at least as long as the block of butter.

Slice it in half down the middle. Just eyeball it--it'll be close enough!

Flip the butter so that the slice you just made is going horizontally. Then slice the butter down the middle again.

If you mess up and your slice veers off toward one side or the other, don't freak out.

Just slice it again, properly, and all will be well.

Put one in your butter dish, and wrap the rest individually in plastic wrap.

And there ya have it! Lovely butter quarters, for .20 less than it might have been.

What grocery item has gone up in price most significantly in your area?

(Linked to Works For Me Wednesday.)

6 comments to Tuesday Tip: Using Bulk Butter

  • Laura

    Haha–love the “don’t freak out” part. ;) That would be for someone like me.

  • Mary

    I didn’t know there was “bulk” butter. I’ll have to try it.

  • This is a great tip. I would have been the one still standing there trying to figure out how to measure a tablespoon!

    I think you’re using my favorite knife, there! I wrote a whole post about it awhile back!!! Is it a Henckel? The handle cracked on mine and I sent it back – they sent me a brand new one! Great company.

    I came over from WFMW.

    • Ha ha! No, it’s actually just a Cuisinart, but it is by far my favorite knife I have! I love both the shape of the blade and the shape of the handle. A good knife makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it–and wow, Henckel sounds like a great company!

  • Butter is $3.79/lb here! Insane. I’ve started buying in bulk at sams…much cheaper…around 2.50/lb, and that’s the butter that’s already in quarters. Next time I’m going to buy the “unquartered” butter, since it’s even cheaper.

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